Multigig Networks
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Fiber-Optic Networks & Enterprise Hosting for Business and Telecom

State of the art Fiber-Optic Network Construction and Data Center Hosting Services for the business and telecom industries. Multigig capacity networks, delivering full-duplex connections up to 10 GBPS per unit.

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Fiber-Optic Networks

Wholesale DIA and Metro Ethernet Circuits for Internet Service Providers and Wireless Internet Service Providers. Deliver top quality fiber-optic connectivity to all of your commercial and residential customers nationwide.

Data Center Services

Multigig Networks Data Center Hosting saves businesses from the high costs of building out stand-alone facilities, and allows for quick expansion of power, cooling, and bandwidth to support growing IT requirements.

Enterprise Hosting

Multigig Networks Enterprise Hosting Services deliver a range of hosting and management capabilities that provide businesses and organizations with global, secure network infrastructure. Secure delivery of your data and information.

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Wholesale Metro Ethernet Circuits

Ethernet transport networks, providing point-to-point or multipoint internet services over a metropolitan area network. Connect two or hundreds of businesses or residences with reliable high-speed internet service.

Multigig Metro Ethernet Circuit

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Circuits

Wholesale Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) circuits, delivering fiber-optic connections that are completely dedicated to your business and customers. DIA is particularly beneficial to businesses and communities that need constant access to cloud applications, streaming video, or video conferencing software.
Wholesale DIA Circuits