Enterprise Fiber Networks

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Active & Passive Optical Systems

An Active Optical Network (AON) uses electrically powered switching equipment, such as a router or a switch aggregator, to manage signal distribution and direction signals to specific customers. This switch directs the incoming and outgoing signals to the proper place by opening and closing in various ways. In such a system, a customer may have a dedicated fiber running to his or her house. The reliance of AON on Ethernet technology makes interoperability among vendors easy. Subscribers can select hardware that delivers an appropriate data transmission rate and scales up as their needs increase without having to restructure the network.

A Passive Optical Network (PON) does not include electrically powered switching equipment; instead, it uses optical splitters to separate and collect optical signals as they move through the network. PON networks share fiber optic strands for portions of their networks. Powered equipment is required only at the source, and receiving ends of the signal. PON networks are efficient, since each fiber optic strand can serve up to 32 users. PONs also have a low building cost compared with AONs along with lower maintenance cost.

AON (Active Optical Network) and PON (Passive Optical Network) network types serve as the two preferred styles of building CWDM and DWDM backbone networks nationwide.

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