Data Center Hosting

Turnkey Data Center Hosting Services with Multigig Networks alleviates the responsibility of staffing, operating and maintaining power, and cooling your data infrastructure. We provide your business with top-tier facilities nationwide. All engineered and maintained to deliver the highest standards for your information.

Multigig Networks Data Center Hosting saves businesses from the high costs of building out stand-alone facilities, and allows for quick expansion of power, cooling, and bandwidth to support growing IT requirements.

Give your clients access to all of the carriers and other enhanced services they have come to rely upon for quality Internet, Television, Phone, and Security Systems.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides comprehensive infrastructure and application services, enabling you to run just about anything in the cloud. Connect more quickly and directly, and get consistent bandwidth – all on a private network.

Multigig Networks hosted Amazon Web Services provide integration with both AWS Public Interfaces and AWS Private Interfaces.

  • Ability to Scale up to 10 Gbps

  • Reduce AWS Egress Costs

  • Increase Throughput

  • Increase Network Consistency

Amazon Web Services

Video Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Encrypt and securely stream live audio and video across the web with Multigig Networks’ Digital Rights Management platform. Assess live stream hosts and platforms in real-time to get invaluable information regarding your live streams and plan accordingly, on-the-go.

Protect & Encrypt Your Valuable Video Content Against Unauthorized Access & Piracy, With Top-Notch Multi DRM Solution To Secure Your VOD & Live Stream Videos.

Multigig Networks Video Digital Rights Management